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Knock Out x Starscream
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Team Rocket KOxSS :iconapplepie3399:Applepie3399 18 1
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Disciplinary Sessions KOxSS :iconapplepie3399:Applepie3399 23 1
Making A Deal Again :iconapplepie3399:Applepie3399 41 7
Knock Out and Starscream's Christmas
TFP Christmas Special
Pairing: Knock Out x Starscream
Knock Out has taken a liking in the human Christmas holiday. Starscream was not beaming with excitement though. Especially not when the red mech decided they needed an organic plant of all things in their quarters. What kind of tradition was this? But regardless of his displeasure with the whole Christmas thing, the seeker had agreed to accompany his mate and choose a tree. When the drones had cut down and transported the "Megatron-sized" tree into the couple's room, Starscream had made sure to threaten them in case they thought of running their vocalizers wild about it.
Then came the decoration process. The slag Knock Out has brought was…colourful to say the least. Very flashy as well. Starscream couldn't help but wonder if all decorations were like that or had his mate just chosen whatever was the shiniest and brightest.
The seeker observed the medic putting garlands on the tree. All of them were coloured red and yellow with an oc
:iconapplepie3399:Applepie3399 19 3
KOxSS Christmas Hats Edition :iconapplepie3399:Applepie3399 93 2 SS silly doodle :iconapplepie3399:Applepie3399 24 2 KO Practice :iconapplepie3399:Applepie3399 104 3 DEM AFTS :iconapplepie3399:Applepie3399 107 24
On the Other Side of the Wall
"Inside Job"
Knock Out gets a nice surprise while stuck in the wall.
Contains slash and SPOILERS.
Knock Out resented his current position. It was true that there were a lot more awful and brutal punishments that Megatron could've given him but being stuck in a wall was probably the most humiliating one of all. And the worst part of it was that his lower part of his frame was on the other side of the wall. And many Decepticons took the presented opportunity to 'kick some ass', literally. The red mech was only glad that they were still seeing him as a superior officer and wouldn't dare to abuse his behind in a different way.
At least that's what he thought before two claws lightly traveled across his waist and down his hip. The sensation would've been quite pleasant if he wasn't stuck in the wall and if the one who was doing it to him was someone he actually liked. And there w
:iconapplepie3399:Applepie3399 49 8
Starscream and the Lightning :iconapplepie3399:Applepie3399 40 3
Knock Out's First Impression of Starscream
Hinted Knock Out x Starscream.
When I decided to join the Decepticons I have just finished my medical education. I had little-to-none experience and my grades weren't very impressing either. The Decepticons recruited me only because it was extremely difficult for them to find any medics, no matter their experience. The CMO at that time had two assistants already and I was the third one. Both of them were better than me at that time and being the Decepticons they were, loved to comment on my failures and lack of knowledge. Good thing I don't care what others think, especially not ugly brutes with horrid paintjobs.
Anyway, so I was helping the CMO at the main Decepticns' base back on Cybertron. Usually I wasn't trusted with anything even remotely complicated or delicate. Guess it was fitting when the two morons were calling me nurse. I hardly did anything a doctor should do.
So, as I was helping in the Med. Bay, there was this huge battle between the Autobots and us and apparen
:iconapplepie3399:Applepie3399 59 9
KO Sketch :iconapplepie3399:Applepie3399 85 6
Farewell, my friend...
Knock Out's thoughts on the Silas!down abomination.
The first time I saw Breakdown's signal popping up online, I didn't know what to make of it. Glitches, corrupted signals and traps were more frequent than one might think. But even so, I could not help myself but hope he'd be still miraculously alive.
Of course, any display of comradeship or friendship among the Decepticons is considered a weakness, an Autobot trait. Thus, I tried to cover it up, making sure my fellow Cons thought I wanted Breakdown back simply because of his usefulness, manly in maintaining my finish and doing my dirty work. It seemes like my words had convinced them. Or they just didn't care at all. It's hard to tell with them really…
Lord Megatron granted me permission to investigate the strange signal. I took a few Vehicons with me and bridged to the coordinates. When we arrived, I looked around skeptically. The site wa
:iconapplepie3399:Applepie3399 48 18
Mature content
'New Recruit' FIClets :iconapplepie3399:Applepie3399 24 4
Starscream as SIC - Hardly Logical
(Implied Megatron x Starscream)
Shockwave was observing how Starscream was screeching at random Vehicons, blaming them for the recent failed mission. Of course the drones had made a couple of mistakes but ultimately, they weren't the ones responsible for the horrendous way the last encounter with Autobots had turned out.
The cyclops mech couldn't help but wonder why this sniveling pathetic excuse for a Decepticon was Second in Command. Shockwave didn't care much about ranks but this particular case piqued his processor. Both Soundwave and he were stronger and more capable warriors than that backstabbing brat. So why was he their superior?
The purple mech turned to his side to face the telepath beside him. Considering Soundwave had spent more time with their Lord lately, Shockwave was hoping he could give him an answer to his queries.
"I do not question Lord Megatron's decisions… but Starscream as Second in Command – hardly logical."
The blue mech stared at him for a few momen
:iconapplepie3399:Applepie3399 53 11
Mature content
Sated Seeker, Happy Seeker 8 and 9 (MxSS) :iconapplepie3399:Applepie3399 19 5


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Chapter 8 -…

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